Updates! And travel stuff!

My flute and electronics piece All My Dreams are Silent received its first performance (in concert flute version) at the Ball State New Music Festival earlier this year. I got the recording recently and have put it up for you all to hear. Check it out right here.

The summer is rapidly falling down around me. I’m about to start some travels for exciting performances. Bruce Bonnell and I will be performing at the International Horn Society conference on August 3rd. We’ll be doing two pieces from the “Supernatural” series of works including the already existing Silhouettes, Receding and giving the premiere performance of a new movement: Ghost Circles. We are sharing the program with a Stockhausen piece which is pretty cool on many levels.

The following week, Tammy Evans Yonce will be giving the premiere performance of Dreams Grow Like Slow Ice for glissando flute and electronics at the National Flute Association conference on Thursday, August 8. The score and recording will be coming soon, once we get the final details nailed down.

I’ll be at both events so if you are around, stop by! I’d love to chat.