Has it really been that long?

Yikes. I can’t believe I haven’t had a news update in so long. I guess through all my Twitter stuff (and occasional FB use) I just forget to put official whatsits here on the ol’ home page.

So what has been up? Well…

Wrote a few new pieces

  • All the Morning Silences for soprano sax, piano, and electronics (score and recording coming soon)
  • Let’s Keep it That Way for percussion and electronics (score and recording coming soon)
  • Two Slow Movements for chamber ensemble (score and recording coming soon)

Revised/corrected a few scores

2014 Performances thus far (in rough chronological order)

…with more to come! Including a screening of Carnival Daring-Do in April prior to a concert by the New World Symphony!

And today we closed on a house. So life is pretty damned sweet, if I do say so myself!