Faculty Excellence Exhibition!

This semester I was nominated to display my creative work at the CMU Faculty Excellence Exhibition.  I’m honored to be nominated for something like that, obviously, and have about a half-dozen of my scores laid out on a table amidst a sea of poster presentations. I’ll post pictures soon.

I focused on my recent electroacoustic music, specifically those pieces with performers. Turns out pretty much everything I’ve composed in the last 5 years which uses electronics was also written for a performer. I like that. A lot.

Here are my featured pieces:

FEE 2015

Let’s Keep it That Way

Dreams Grow Like Slow Ice


Silhouettes, Receding


Selecting a Reader/A Widow

All My Dreams are Silent


And there is a NEW RECORDING of Selecting a Reader! Tracy Watson performed the piece at my faculty recital in September and I can’t believe I never shared her performance. I’ve fixed that. Heather Trommer-Beardslee is doing some choreography to that recording and I’ll have new video to share soon.