Mercurial for flute and fixed media (2008)

Mercurial is a journey that highlights the soloist’s ability to blend into a wide variety of sonic landscapes. The piece begins with low droning flute sounds and once the soloist is comfort- able in that setting, the scene changes abruptly. Noisy beats take over the piece and push the soloist to adapt to the new surroundings. Again, when the soloist is comfortable, an abrupt change tosses the performer into a much noisier and less friendly arena. The low flute drones gradually reappear but not for long. Yet another noisy groove sneaks in and takes control of the piece. The work ends with a return to the beginning but this time the performer is alone and revels in the solitude.

Special thanks to the University of Iowa Music Instrument Sample Bank for the flute samples, Mike McFerron for the step sequencer, and Freesound users ashassin, skiptracer, nic- Stage, and jobro for the all the wonderful noise. Please support the Freesound Project ( to keep the sonic love alive.

Listen to it on the album The Art of Noise by Meerenai Shim!

Check out this sweet video that Meerenai made, too!

Download the score: Mercurial