ALEX modes for piano solo (2011)

These four piano pieces are for my nephew, Alexander Jay “A.J.” Parker. I took the first four letters in Alex and used them as inspiration for the modes of each of the movements. Modes are scales that are less commonly used than major or minor. All of these modes use the same key signature (that of C Major) but have a different starting “tonic” pitch.

The first movement is in Aeolian mode (the scale of A – A without any accidentals). The second movement is in Lydian (F – F without accidentals). Movement three uses the scale from E – E without accidentals (Phrygian mode) and the last movement is in Mixolydian (G – G without accidentals).

A(eolian) L(ydian),
E (mi)X(olydian)

Download the score: ALEX modes