Anagram Fragments for flute and soprano sax (2011)

These three short pieces were composed for the Duo Fujin One-Day Composition
Challenge in 2011. The “secret ingredient,” made public only 12 hours before the
deadline, was the word “REMIX.” Not being much of a remixer, I struggled to ?nd a
foothold in composing the piece.

I started by making anagrams of the phrase “Duo Fujin Remix.” Within I found the
phrases “Fire Jinx” and “Injured Ox.” Both of those struck my fancy so I used them as
inspirations for the outer two movements. Using the performer’s last names, Theisen
and Ballard, the phrase “Abstain Red Hell” came up. Again, that served as a jumping off point for what became the middle movement.

The remix idea is alive more directly in the last movement where a well-known musical
ox is having some problems.

Download the score: Anagram Fragments