Elementals for euphonium, tuba, and fixed media (2009)

The piece is in four sections, each touching upon the four main elements: wind, fire, water, and earth. The pre-recorded part is largely ambient and the piece can be performed without it. My interest in mixing the four elements together lies mostly in the moments of transition from one element to another. I promise that there is not a single Earth, Wind, and Fire quote in the piece. I almost put one in, but decided against it at the last minute.

There is a certain subtlety in music for performers and electronics that sometimes bothers me. Very often the instrumentalists are second-class citizens to complicated and abstract elec- tronic processes which take center stage (or crash). This approach works well for some but it really doesn’t work for me. My obvious nature is a fault at times, but I don’t think it is a fault in this particular piece. To rebel against this stereotypical model I have rendered the euphonium and tuba duo so powerful that they tame the very forces of nature.

Download the score: Elementals