Oblique Variations for flute and cello (2009)

I am writing this piece for the 60/60 call for scores being put out by New Music Hartford on August 2, 2009. The idea behind the call is similar to that of the TV show Iron Chef – composers are given one hour to create a composition. It is noon right now and the contest begins in 3 hours.Normally, I would be writing the program notes for the piece after the composition was completed. Time will be of the essence this afternoon so I decided to do as much prep work as I could in advance. I cannot talk about the piece that I wrote but I can try to talk about the piece I intend to write.

My inspiration for the piece comes from the Oblique Strategies deck created by Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt and replicated on the website stoney.sb.org/eno/oblique.html. The strategy I drew at random was “Breathe more deeply.” The work is going to be guided by that idea. This is fortuitous for me since my music has been become more serene as of late. I could not think of a better strategy for this endeavor.

We’ll see what happens.

Performed by Ashley Addington and Rachel Arnold.

Download the score: Oblique Variations