Ashamed/Unabashed for two pianos and chamber orchestra (2004)

Ashamed/Unabashed is a single movement in four main sections. The first section is delicate and intricate, very slow and deliberate. The first section gives way to barbaric and aggressive pounding in the two pianos.

Another noisy climax signals the return and expansion of the delicate music. After a final iteration of the mechanical and relentless music the piece ends and “catches its breath” in a soft and thinly scored coda.

The title for Ashamed/Unabashed comes the two main poles of my personality and my relationship to my creative work. This piece was written for the Wellesley Composers Conference in 2004.

Performed by Christopher Oldfather and Steven Gosling, pianos, and the Wellesley Composers Conference Chamber Orchestra.

Download the score: Ashamed/Unabashed