Blue Jaunte for fixed media (2007)

The inspiration for this work comes from Alfred Bester’s sci-fi classic The Stars My Destination. Gully, the anti-hero of the story, is taken to the prison Gouffre Martel, a place of total darkness and isolation. Many inhabitants of the prison become mad within this total isolation and end their lives with a “blue jaunte” in which they teleport themselves into nothingness (teleportation is a common inherent skill in Bester’s book and the total darkness of Gouffre Martel prevents the prisoners from successfully teleporting to freedom). Due to an acoustic anomaly in Gully’s cell, he hears whispers from another prisoner several miles away and begins to have conversations with her. This personal contact, the sound of another’s whispers, strengthens Gully’s resolve to stay alive and attempt and escape from the inescapable prison. In this piece, we are with Gully in total isolation. Around him are the sounds of “blue jauntes.” Gradually, whispers creep in and sooth the tension and despair Gully is feeling.

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