Fire Walk for unaccompanied glissando flute (2014)

I am eternally grateful to Brent Miller for introducing me to the work of David Lynch and especially the television series Twin Peaks. While I was aware of the show when it was originally on the air I didn’t watch it until Brent demanded I do so. I’ve been a fan ever since (although I do believe the second half of the second season is rather weak, you still have to watch it all because the last episode is so epic).

I have bonded with many musicians over mutual affection of Twin Peaks and Tammy Evan Yonce is a perfect example. I don’t exactly remember how the idea of a Twin Peaks-inspired work for solo glissando flute got started but I do feel sorry for any future musicologists who have to sift through our tweets in order to determine the origin of this piece. Tammy and I each made a list of iconic/inspirational Twin Peaks moments and then I wrote a series of miniatures based on the list. Instead of separate movements, though, everything became intertwined and motives from Angelo Badalamenti’s original score for the series could not be avoided.

There are so many pieces for flute which are rhapsodies or variations on opera themes that I consider Fire Walk part of that tradition. The sections of the work are played without pause.

  • Wrapped in Plastic
  • Fish in the Percolator
  • Waldo
  • Wind in the Trees
  • From Another Place
  • Sparkwood and 21


Download the score: Fire Walk