Reflections on the Nature of Impermanence for tenor sax and snare drum (2017)

In early 2017 I was experiencing some of the worst burnout I’ve ever had. Stress from all sides of my life was my only companion. I could only focus on what I needed to do an hour at a time, a minute at a time, a moment at a time. I was struggling with just getting from the beginning of the day to the end of the day. The thought that kept me going was “It hasn’t always been like this. It won’t always be like this.”

At the same time, I kept forgetting what I was writing. Every time I sat down to work on this piece for the Rogue Two duo, I’d have almost no recollection of what I was doing. I channelled my energies into a meditation on impermanence, one of the Buddha’s most important teachings, and produced the following piece.

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