Used Illusions for glissando flute and concert band (2017)

Used Illusions is a short concerto for glissando flute and concert band. The whole work follows a traditional three movements structure of fast-slow-fast and each movement is built from motives as gestures found in Guns n’ Roses albums. The first movement, “Loco,” draws inspiration from the driving and propulsive “Locomotive” off of Use Your Illusion II. The slow movement, “Tears in Rain” combines bits of the epic “November Rain” with just a touch of “Don’t Cry” at the end. The final movement is a barn-burner: a mash-up of the opening of “Coma” from Use Your Illusion I with the iconic guitar openings from “Sweet Child o’ Mine.”

This piece was composed for and dedicated to Tammy Evans Yonce who has been a great champion of my work and an absolute joy with which to collaborate. Just in case any budding musicologists are wondering, Tammy once told me that she prefers Use Your Illusion II while I prefer Use Your Illusion I. Make of that what you will.

Download the score: Used Illusions