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Clans (2018)

Another collaboration with biologist Wiline Pangle, choreographer Heather Tommer-Beardslee, and costume designer Ann Dasen with contributions from puppeteer Nicole Graziano.¬†Clans takes inspiration from Dr. Pangle’s dissertation work studying the behaviors of hyenas. The piece is in 5 sections: Hunt, Play, Mate, Motherhood, Explore. The video is of the first performance by the Central Michigan University …

for Larry Craig (2017)

While going through airport security a few years ago, Heather Trommer-Beardslee turned to me and said “Ever since the Larry Craig scandal I’ve wanted to do a tap dance piece based in a bathroom stall.” So, of course, we made one. Rather than poke fun or mock the event, we made a work about “Public …

Dunes (2016)

This work, inspired by the ecological succession found in Michigan sand dunes, was performed at the Regeneration Dance Festival in Detroit in April 2016. Choreographed by Heather Trommer-Beardslee with costumes by Ann Dasen. Inspiration and lectures were provided by biologist Wiline Pangle.