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Dunes (2016)

This work, inspired by the ecological succession found in Michigan sand dunes, was performed at the Regeneration Dance Festival in Detroit in April 2016. Choreographed by Heather Trommer-Beardslee with costumes by Ann Dasen. Inspiration and lectures were provided by biologist Wiline Pangle.

All Our Broken Instruments (2015) for percussion and electronics

Composed in the summer of 2015 for Andrew Spencer, All Our Broken Instruments is a musical adaptation of the Robert Fanning poem “May Our Young Find Music in All Our Broken Instruments.” The percussion soloist speaks the poem’s text while playing a mixed batch of instruments and triggering the electroacoustic sounds.   Download the score: All …

ArtBattle 2015

On July 30, 2015, Heather Trommer-Beardslee and I participated in our local Art Battle. Visual artists gathered to create new art in 2 hours and this year, we decided to throw a dance/music collaboration into the mix. We started at 6 PM and by 8 PM we had a 4 minute dance piece. While Heather …

as if to each other

It is here! My 25-minute long piece for piano and electronics as if to each other… which I composed for the RPM Challenge in February 2011 has been recorded by none other than R. Andrew Lee and is now available from Irritable Hedgehog! I’m absolutely thrilled with the quality of Andrew’s performance and Irritable Hedgehog’s usual …