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.000001% for harp (2011)

I composed this piece for the Fifteen Minutes of Fame written for harpist Alyssa Reit. I became obsessed with the musical content years ago but have yet to find a satisfactory home for it. I could listen to it forever and decided to carve off a chunk for this opportunity. Download the score: .000001%

Twitch for violin (2011)

I composed this piece for Conway Kuo’s “Fifteen Minutes of Fame.” The idea was simple, just a high-pitched jittery idea that doesn’t go away. A rich melody wants to emerge but doesn’t get far. Download the score: Twitch

Number Station for guitar (2011)

Number stations are mysterious transmissions over short-wave radio frequencies. A typical transmission emerges from static, may include a recording of a folk tune, and then someone speaks a string of numbers. I’ve been listening to recordings of these a lot recently… composed for Kenji Haba’s “Fifteen Minutes of Fame” Download the score: Number Station  

Knott’s for speaking percussionist (2012)

For Christmas in 1992, my future in-laws gave me a poetry collection from the Pitt Poetry Series. A few of Bill Knott’s poems were in this collection and I’ve been a fan of his work ever since. When Kevin Keith asked me to write a work for him, we talked about a lot of possibilities …

unHandel for organ (2007)

As I studied harpsichord, I fell in love with the keyboard sonatas of Handel. They have a charm and quirkiness about them that drew me in completely and I always enjoyed playing them. The Sonatina in B-flat Major (G40) is especially dear to me. I decided to take this piece and obsess on it at …

Toccata for piano solo (1994)

This is my first “keeper” composition. A simple aggressive ostinato provided the inspiration and motivation for the work. Even though this toccata is only about two minutes long, there is a brief break in the motoric energy for a more lyrical moment. Finally, a mad dash towards the end and an explosive finale. Download the …

Deconstructionist Preludes for piano solo (2003)

The plural title is not a mistake. While this piece is one continuous work, four separate preludes are woven together. The first prelude is light and delicate, quiet and apologetic. The second prelude molds this delicate material into a more mechanical and persistent character. Prelude three is raucous, barbaric, and single-minded. The final prelude takes …