as if to each other

It is here! My 25-minute long piece for piano and electronics as if to each other… which I composed for the RPM Challenge in February 2011 has been recorded by none other than R. Andrew Lee and is now available from Irritable Hedgehog! I’m absolutely thrilled with the quality of Andrew’s performance and Irritable Hedgehog’s usual …


I’m so proud to announce that my 2011 work as if to each other… for piano and electronics has been recorded by R. Andrew Lee and will soon be released on Irritable Hedgehog! Here is the cover art:   The official release date is in a few weeks. Rest assured, I’ll keep you updated!

Patch(ed) In

I should have posted this here sooner but about 6 months ago I was interviewed on the podcast Patch In. It was a fun honor and a good time. The video of it is up on YouTube for your viewing enjoyment. I’ve posted it here, too!

Faculty Excellence Exhibition!

This semester I was nominated to display my creative work at the CMU Faculty Excellence Exhibition.  I’m honored to be nominated for something like that, obviously, and have about a half-dozen of my scores laid out on a table amidst a sea of poster presentations. I’ll post pictures soon. I focused on my recent electroacoustic …

Y’know what I miss?

Blogging. I used to do a bunch of it but I’ve gotten too busy to maintain my Sequenza21 blog. Then it occurred to me: this site is built on a freakin’ blogging platform. So expect some occasional blog-type blog posts in the future. Mostly about music stuff, I reckon, but I might talk about comic …