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No. for violin and cello (2011)

This short duet was composed for the “Fifteen Minutes of Fame” opportunity that Zentripetal offered in February of 2011. When I began writing this piece, it was something different. As I was putting the finishing touches on that earlier version of the score, a “what if I…” hit me out of the blue. I cut …

.000001% for harp (2011)

I composed this piece for the Fifteen Minutes of Fame written for harpist Alyssa Reit. I became obsessed with the musical content years ago but have yet to find a satisfactory home for it. I could listen to it forever and decided to carve off a chunk for this opportunity. Download the score: .000001%

Twitch for violin (2011)

I composed this piece for Conway Kuo’s “Fifteen Minutes of Fame.” The idea was simple, just a high-pitched jittery idea that doesn’t go away. A rich melody wants to emerge but doesn’t get far. Download the score: Twitch

Number Station for guitar (2011)

Number stations are mysterious transmissions over short-wave radio frequencies. A typical transmission emerges from static, may include a recording of a folk tune, and then someone speaks a string of numbers. I’ve been listening to recordings of these a lot recently… composed for Kenji Haba’s “Fifteen Minutes of Fame” Download the score: Number Station