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All My Thoughts are the Same for solo cello (2018)

All My Thoughts are the Same started as four miniatures for solo cello. As I worked on these miniatures, I started to notice certain similarities and connections between the material in each one. For fun, I started to weave back and forth through these short fragments and much to my surprise, it worked. And somehow …

Two Slow Movements

Composed for the Central Michigan University New Music Ensemble, both movements are typical of my current compositional output. Harmonies are based on the repetition of a simple interval pattern and long lyrical melodies weave their way through these chaconnes. The rhythms and colors are rather plain, unadorned, and far from ornate. The directness and simplicity …

Limerick voice and cello (2012)

In late 2012, I challenged myself to write a new vocal composition each week. I dubbed the project “Lied Time” and while I tried my best, I only managed to complete a handful of compositions. This short work was the first: a bawdy limerick. It isn’t very polite; consider yourself warned! Download the score: Limerick

H.B.M.D. for horn, trombone, and strings (2004)

In the summer of 2004, I was fortunate to be accepted to the Composers Conference at Wellesley College. Mario Davidovsky, the main composer entity during those two weeks, was celebrating his 70th birthday that year. All of the composer fellows decided, quite at the last minute, to each write a variation on “Happy Birthday” and surprise Mario with performances of …

[untitled] for six players (2007)

Most of my compositions come from some speci?c form of non-musical inspiration and are therefore easy to title.  Sometimes, though, I write a work which is devoid of extramusical inspiration.  [untitled] is an abstract piece that explores different instrumental colors in a slow and organic manner. Performed by the pLAy ensemble. Download the score: [untitled]