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Hindrances for solo guitar (2019)

Writing for guitar can be a little intimidating to composers who don’t play it. While I did take some lessons in order to better understand classical guitar technique, I was definitely intimidated by Kenji Haba’s request for a new piece. I turned to miniatures inspired by the Five Hindrances found in Buddhism. These short movements …

Monsters for solo guitar (2020)

I read a lot of comics and I always enjoy when I can talk about comic book stories and such. When Andy Jurik approached me about writing a new piece, he was specifically interested in the comic My Favorite Thing is Monsters by Emil Ferris. Going through the story I found there were so many …

Number Station for guitar (2011)

Number stations are mysterious transmissions over short-wave radio frequencies. A typical transmission emerges from static, may include a recording of a folk tune, and then someone speaks a string of numbers. I’ve been listening to recordings of these a lot recently… composed for Kenji Haba’s “Fifteen Minutes of Fame” Download the score: Number Station