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A Draft of Guinness for voice and piano (2018)

I started composing this song for my friend and colleague Keith Clifton in late 2017. I finally finished the setting in early 2018. The text is taken from a letter written by Alec Guinness while he was on the set of Star Wars. jaybatzner · A Draft of Guinness Download the score: Draft of Guinness

Stalker for solo percussionist (2016)

Stalker is based on the book Roadside Picnic by Arkady and Boris Strugatsky and was composed for Aaron Ragsdale. In this book, aliens have visited Earth and left strange objects behind in certain “zones” around the globe. Stalkers are black market dealers who enter these zones and procure these rare and often dangerous objects. In …

Blue Jaunte for fixed media (2007)

The inspiration for this work comes from Alfred Bester’s sci-fi classic The Stars My Destination. Gully, the anti-hero of the story, is taken to the prison Gouffre Martel, a place of total darkness and isolation. Many inhabitants of the prison become mad within this total isolation and end their lives with a “blue jaunte” in …