• Concerto for Timpani (2003)

    jaybatzner · Concerto for Timpani Download the score – Concerto for Timpani Instrumentation Program NotesThe concerto takes the soloist on a circular journey through two connected contrasting movements. The first movement is slow and contemplative with no interaction between the soloist and ensemble. The ensemble is transformed throughout the movement by gradually swapping the pitched… Continue reading

  • Voiseynvention (2009)

    Download the score – Voiseynvention Voiseynvention was composed for Robert Voisey’s XL birthday. I took the letters in Robert’s name and created two musical mottos from them. One of the mottos was a simple numerical procedure which I have subsequently forgotten. The other procedure mapped the letters of his name onto a telephone keypad and… Continue reading

  • Toccata (1994)

    jaybatzner · Toccata Download the score – Toccata This is my first “keeper” composition. A simple aggressive ostinato provided the inspiration and motivation for the work. Even though this toccata is only about two minutes long, there is a brief break in the motoric energy for a more lyrical moment. Finally, a mad dash towards… Continue reading

  • Miniatures (2006)

    jaybatzner · Miniatures Download the score – Miniatures These four short pieces are an outlet for my newfound interest in improvisation. Since the tape part for these pieces will not change it made sense to me to have a piano part that would always be different. The first piece uses short rhythmic gestures and drones.… Continue reading

About Me

Jay C. Batzner (b. 1974) is currently on the faculty of Central Michigan University. He reads too many comic books and tries to find time for sewing and other various hobbies. Jay likes playing chess but loses a LOT of games. 

Jay’s frequent interdisciplinary collaborations with choreographer Heather Trommer-Beardslee has led to several dance works based on student veterans, ecological succession, the Larry Craig scandal, and hyena behaviors. The hyena piece even includes puppets! 

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