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Flute for voice and fixed media (2013)

Composed for Katherine Crawford and given its premiere performance at Electronic Music Midwest in 2013. The poetry is by Robert Fanning and is included in the score. Special thanks to the users ethang, laureci, ephemeral-rift, and sandyrb for their sonic contributions and to Laura Patterson whose live performance of my piece All My Dreams are Silent …

Simple Variations for clarinet (2012)

This piece is a simple set of variations on a simple and song-like melody. The subtitle “Sonatiny III” refers to the series of short instrumental works that I have composed for specific people. I am grateful to Arianna Tieghi for requesting this piece from me! Download the score: Simple Variations

New recording – Cursed Motives

Over the weekend, composer/organist Carson Cooman sent me an organ realization of my open-instrumentation work Cursed Motives. It was such a great rendition that I asked him if I could post it here. He didn’t have a problem with it, so here it is! He even made a YouTube video for it, if you’d rather …