Deconstructionist Preludes (2003)

Download the score – Deconstructionist Preludes

The plural title is not a mistake. While this piece is one continuous work, four separate preludes are woven together. The first prelude is light and delicate, quiet and apologetic. The second prelude molds this delicate material into a more mechanical and persistent character. Prelude three is raucous, barbaric, and single-minded. The final prelude takes the preceding ideas, which seem very different on the exterior, and shows the internal similarities of all the materials.

About Me

Jay C. Batzner (b. 1974) is currently on the faculty of Central Michigan University. He reads too many comic books and tries to find time for sewing and other various hobbies. Jay likes playing chess but loses a LOT of games. 

Jay’s frequent interdisciplinary collaborations with choreographer Heather Trommer-Beardslee has led to several dance works based on student veterans, ecological succession, the Larry Craig scandal, and hyena behaviors. The hyena piece even includes puppets! 

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