Sufi Songs (2014)

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Range: F4 – G5

  1. “Rumi”
    Those who don’t feel this Love
    pulling them like a river,
    those who don’t drink dawn
    like a cup of spring water
    or take in sunset like supper,
    those who don’t want to change,

    let them sleep.

    This Love is beyond the study of theology
    that old tricker and hypocrisy.
    If you want to improve your mind that way,

    sleep on.

    I’ve given up on my brain.
    I’ve torn the cloth to shreds
    and thrown it away.
    If you’re not completely naked,
    wrap your beautiful robe of words
    around you,

    and sleep.
  2. “Bawa Muhaiyaddeen”
    I hold you in my heart.
    I rock and sing you to sleep.
    You are everywhere in everyone,
    the holy baby in all of us,
    that plays there.

    The beautiful one,
    born when we love,
    the glowing child.

    You are the meaning that blooms in the heart.

About Me

Jay C. Batzner (b. 1974) is currently on the faculty of Central Michigan University. He reads too many comic books and tries to find time for sewing and other various hobbies. Jay likes playing chess but loses a LOT of games. 

Jay’s frequent interdisciplinary collaborations with choreographer Heather Trommer-Beardslee has led to several dance works based on student veterans, ecological succession, the Larry Craig scandal, and hyena behaviors. The hyena piece even includes puppets! 

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