Patch(ed) In

I should have posted this here sooner but about 6 months ago I was interviewed on the podcast Patch In. It was a fun honor and a good time. The video of it is up on YouTube for your viewing enjoyment. I’ve posted it here, too!

Faculty Excellence Exhibition!

This semester I was nominated to display my creative work at the CMU Faculty Excellence Exhibition.  I’m honored to be nominated for something like that, obviously, and have about a half-dozen of my scores laid out on a table amidst a sea of poster presentations. I’ll post pictures soon. I focused on my recent electroacoustic […]

I Can Haz Tenure

Got the official letter today. Tenure and promotion! Hooray!

Y’know what I miss?

Blogging. I used to do a bunch of it but I’ve gotten too busy to maintain my Sequenza21 blog. Then it occurred to me: this site is built on a freakin’ blogging platform. So expect some occasional blog-type blog posts in the future. Mostly about music stuff, I reckon, but I might talk about comic […]

Fire Walk for unaccompanied glissando flute (2014)

I am eternally grateful to Brent Miller for introducing me to the work of David Lynch and especially the television series Twin Peaks. While I was aware of the show when it was originally on the air I didn’t watch it until Brent demanded I do so. I’ve been a fan ever since (although I […]

Ryonen’s Clear Realization for speaking percussion trio (2014)

I first heard the koan about Ryonen on the Daily Buddhism podcast. At first, I was struck by the Zen teachers’ reactions to Ryonen since their views on her beauty offended my more contemporary feminist attitudes. The story stuck with me and I kept thinking about it. The more I sat with it the more […]

Let’s Keep it That Way for percussion and laptop (2014)

I am an avid reader of comic books and one of my all-time favorite series is Planetary by Warren Ellis and John Cassaday. One of the main characters in the series is The Drummer, a man who can control the flow of energy and information with drumsticks. By drumming on computers, televisions, or electrical panels […]

Sufi Songs for mezzo-soprano and piano (2014)

I composed these two pieces for mezzo-soprano LaToya Lain and pianist Casey Robards. These texts about love made such an impact on me that I just had to share them with as many people as possible. Download the score: Sufi Songs

Transitions (Four Movements)

This piece is part of a collaborative music/dance project which I did with dancer/choreographer Heather Trommer-Beardslee. Heather interviewed three vets who had recently transitioned from military careers to being students at CMU. These compelling stories became the motivation for our piece. Heather and I worked independently on choreography and music and only lined up the […]

Two Slow Movements

Composed for the Central Michigan University New Music Ensemble, both movements are typical of my current compositional output. Harmonies are based on the repetition of a simple interval pattern and long lyrical melodies weave their way through these chaconnes. The rhythms and colors are rather plain, unadorned, and far from ornate. The directness and simplicity […]

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